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    This is a great team! Thanks!

    I'll start tomorrow by getting the C-Gear and then hacking in my team via GTS (earliest I can get any of these is after the 5th badge!) at 1000 exp each, just like I did for the One that Got Away Challenge.

    EDIT: Okay, here's my first update:


    Started out in Aspertia City. Got a Tepig Lv. 5, a Pokedex, 5 Poke Balls, and a tour of the Pokemon Center from Bianca. Beat Hugh. Went on Route 19 and learned how to catch a Pokemon. Reached Floccesy Town. Went on Route 20. Got to Flocessy Ranch. Beat Hugh again. Found the missing Herdier. Returned to Floccesy and trained with Alder. Reutrned to Aspertia and challenged the Gym. Beat Cheren and earned the Basic Badge.

    Got the C-Gear and hacked in my team, all at 1000 exp:

    Chester the Totodile
    Luna the Snorunt
    Michael the Growlithe
    Gordon the Snover
    Stephanie the Joltik
    Victoria the Axew

    Went on Route 20. Reached Virbank City. Explored the Complex for a while. Went to the Gym and beat Roxie (SUPER easy with Victoria's Dragon Rage). Got the Toxic Badge.

    Went to Pokestar Studios and starred in a movie. It was a smash hit. Tried to sail to Castelia City but was stopped by Team Plasma. Beat a Grunt. Found another Grunt on Route 20 and beat her too. Returned to Virbank and sailed to Castelia.