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    Link to the team copy and paste in your browser:|1025|901|909|912|1511|

    Now you might wonder why would i have Blaziken instead of the almighty Charizard well it's because i already have 2 flying types witch would make my team weak against electric if i used 3 flying types and you might also wonder why i don't have any electric type... Well believe it or not buy lugia can learn thunderbolt and he hit's good with it.
    And this is the most common questions of them all... Why would i wan't Swampert instead of any other water type pokemon like milotic or lapras? IT's because swampert is not effected by electric types moves and since i already have 2 flying types i can not have any other pokemon that has electric as a weakness. And then the last question why Shaymin? Well Shaymin has an really high speed and learns alot of healing moves witch i really like with a grass type. Hope you enjoyed reading about my opinion now have a good day.
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