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    Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
    I have this problem with some Ow's:

    In NSE classic, the OW(Pokemon there) looks perfectly fine, and it looked some days ago ingame perfectly fine too.
    Today though, or if I remember right, on the actual mapp there were only 2 other people OW's, and I added like 4 more, then it looked like this.

    I doubt it is the fault of it though, I think the problem is that I gotta repoint it pobably into new free space.

    But I just wanted to get sure before I waste some space there.
    That, orrr, I know that that there is a limited number of different OW palettes that can be shown on screen at once (this is why there were so few in the original game) so, if each one of your characters and OWs has its own palette, it could cause trouble.

    By the way, that looks amazing (besides the bad palettes:p).

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