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    What? no comments? this hack is such an original one! It's not everyday that I see people posting hacks that have custom soundtracks of rock music! I like your style the maps are kinda empty though, you you might wanna add more details. Other than that, I look forward to seeing more of your scripting!
    Thanks :D And sure, the maps might be a little on the empty side, but so were the maps in the original games :p

    The Rock music(Although awesome) isn't what caught my attention to this hack, it was the story. It's SO Original and it makes sense! When I saw the title, I thought this was a very early April Fools Joke, but after reading the story, I've really taking a liking to it. Looking forward to playing!
    Thanks man, I'll try to get a playable demo out as soon as I can

    Story seems interesting, though it would've had been maybe funnier if you were able to play as the father (With corespondenting OW).

    But the mapping O.o
    Alot of tile errors, 1 tile paths which make playing through maps annoying, and empty space.
    If you aren't that well hire someone who maps for you there are alot of people around here :>

    Also I see no scripts whatsoever, somehow I have the feeling there isn't really anything worth showing if you don't count the story.
    Yeah, I'm probably gonna remove the 1-tile path. I swear, most of my maps are better than this. And I'm not even gonna approach scripting, I'm afraid of breaking the ROM.

    Hmm I think this story will be interesting. I hope you upload more pictures!
    Looks interesting enough, but no screenshots with any dialogue or anything really other than maps?
    These pictures were taken in REALLY early devolpment, next update will include tons more pictures.

    Looks good. You might want to change the minisprites. Also you might want to expand on the story a little. I am not one to be talking, but you might want to change the tiles or find someone who can. After that sounds good. The pictures you have look good.
    I've actually already changed the player's overworld sprites. However, I'm working solo so I'm probably not gonna change everything

    I like the story, so simple but brilliant! I will be keeping an eye on this one.
    I think your mapping was good,and i think you should add at least some new pokemon because its a hack of firered.
    Thanks :D However, I can't art, so no new Pokemon
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