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Yes, pretty much. There's a reason why I really wish they continued with Dream Land's school of level design. If they had only improved and expanded on that, the series could stand to have some stand out levels.

Dream Land is still blocky, but less so, and the environments are all unique, so each level stands out. Green Greens is mostly flat with a tree you have to scale at the end in order to get to the other side of it. Castle Lololo is maze like, but that makes sense considering the namesake. And it goes on. Each level had a unique theme and set of enemies to match. Every Kirby game afterward has just put enemies wherever they wanted without much rhyme or reason, and you might see some environmental tropes in an unrelated area just because they could do it.

I feel like to a degree, Dream Land 3 and 64 are what the series could have looked like if they continued with Dream Land's style. Dream Land 3 introduces environmental levels within a given region, but doesn't reach the potential of playing most of them up right. 64 did this better, with each level now being unique.

Dream Land 2 is in a weird spot because it's like a portable Adventure, so it uses the door overworld gimmick. But it does keep environments contained to the island. You're not playing a woods stage in a mountain level. To be fair, though, Adventure usually stays on point most of the time.

I'm merely talking about the environments at this point, though. I'm not necessarily giving an order of preference for favorite games. So I'll just leave it with 64, though not necessarily one of my most favorite Kirby games, had a pretty interesting idea of how to do each one of its stages without them blending together into a forgettable mess. I can't even play Amazing Mirror anymore, and I ate that game up when it first came out.

Also, I have yet to play Return to Dream Land, so I dunno how that goes. It still looks block platformish, though, as opposed to organic which a surreal planet like Pop Star could really benefit from.

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