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Kyle Haden

The point blank attack was effective. Ches was able to knock out the Deino after the second Sludge Bomb. The arrogant kid was stunned by the result. Kyle was relieved that he got the advantage in Pokemon. The arrogant kid called back his Deino and shouted,

"Go Gaia!"

A Pupitar was sent out and lodged itself in the sand. Another unusual Pokemon Kyle thought. He was glad that Pupitar didn't have any type advantage against Ches. Knowing that Ches was the faster Pokemon Kyle called out to the Haunter.

"Ches, use Shadow Ball!" Kyle said.

The Haunter was making odd movements with its hands, almost as if forming a snowball, and created large black orb with a purple glow. Ches then threw the ball as fast as it could towards the Pupitar.

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