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    Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
    I can't seem to find a way to add an attachment in my first post, so here is the file with the code compiled.

    Use: open up in hex editor, find the line where the character part says it starts, and copy from that line up to the one filled with FF (both codes should end in bd, no more after that)

    Edit: an error in the file, where it is written "decryption code starts at 0x1b0" should read "encryption code starts at 0x1b0".
    And on the edit button, I see no way to manage attatchments, so... I'm sorry.

    This resouce has sooo much in it, but for some reason, everything gave me bad eggs. Most of the people who know ASM have probably already figured this out, but no one actually posted what the solution was. For anyone who used JPAN's compiled decryption/encryption, the problem was actually quite simple: there was another typo, the line "encryption code starts at 0x1b0" should read "encryption code starts at 0x1a0". This may seem quite simple, but it left me stuck for almost 4 hours:D until I gave up and just converted the entire document to ASM instructions and realized I had the wrong starting point.

    I hope this helps anyone looking to add some cool new in-game Pokemon editing to their hacks!


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