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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria

The student was kind enough to let Kilik sit next to him. From the color of his jacket, he seems to be from the Suicune Dorm. Interesting... One could say he was an elite Team Rocket member, however, Kilik hasn't confirmed if he is of Team Rocket or not. Further diagnosis is needed.

The suspect introduced himself as Roxas. Was that a foreign name, Kilik questioned himself. The name wasn't important. Roxas had a reason, not excusable, for not getting breakfast: His mind was somewhere else. That wasn't awkward indeed... Roxas asked for Kilik's name, so he shall answer, "You may call me Kilik." He wasn't going to give his last name just yet. He still needs to figure out whether Roxas is part of Team Rocket or not.

Might as well start with a few, simple questions. "So tell me," Kilik started. "How did you hear about the academy?" He's not going to give an answer to Roxas that easily, like, Did you get a notice letter or something? No, he wants to hear it exactly from Roxas. As usual, Kilik did his best to hide his intentions. To prove it, he was eating his breakfast. Still got bits left.

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