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I looked out the window at campus, thinking about how I would fight. The only things I could do with my ice powers were things me and my sister made up. They were mostly for show though, and I had not practiced them in a while. "What are you thinking about." Elise asked.

We had sat in silence for over twenty minutes, and the sudden comment made me jump. "Just thinking about how I'm going to fight is all." I said.

"Don't you know a bunch of cool ice moves?" She asked, "Like making walls of ice, or spikes?" I laughed, those were ideas my sister came up with. She had the imagination, and best control. I was always physically stronger though.

"My sister could, but she isn't here." I said. "I'm not very creative. I can pretty much make small walls of ice."

"Hm." She said, drawing in a notebook, "Maybe I can help you? I always liked writing fiction, and I think my imagination is good!" I wondered if she could actually make moves for me, then I figured it wouldn't hurt. "I already have one idea!"

"Well what do you have in mind?" I said, "Something easy?"

She shook her head, "No, but it's really cool. You see." She showed a sketch of two rings of ice, with space between them for one person to walk around, much like a hallway. "You see, the ring goes around a target." She pointed to a stick figure in the middle, "Who can't escape. Then you run around the inside." She pointed to another figure, drawn blue between the rings. "And use your strength to force spikes of ice toward the middle."

I studied the drawing. The rings would take a lot of work to make, then to simply make the frame would require preparation. Something that had to be done before the fight if anything. The idea was simple enough though, and was pretty solid if actually created. "So how am I supposed to focus enough to create the rings?"

"In the dirt or sand you can draw a circle with a stick or something." I figured as much, it would be a pre fight preperation. Hardly a fighting style. "Or..."


"Or, you could use marks. Something like flags or small objects in a circle. Then you can make the invisible connection." She said.

"Should we try it?" I asked, wanting to go outside.

"Right here. We can try right here." She jumped up and started moving all of the chairs aside. There was a large empty space in the middle of the room. She then took a whiteboard marker and drew a circle on the ground. I was impressed at how well she did it, and without even the slightest consent of a teacher. "Okay, make a single ring here. And don't touch the roof!" She drew a small X in the middle then backed up.

"Well here we go I guess." I imagined spikes of ice coming up in the circle. The circle was filled with skewing ice.

"No that's wrong, it needs to be a wall that surrounds!"

I sighed, the ice melted and I refocused. "Here it goes again..." This time I made a wall of ice, though it was cylindrical, it was also solid. Anything in the middle would've been crushed on the ceiling. Elise shook, her head, and I sighed. I was getting tired, and frustrated. "Gah!" I yelled, creating a thick wall behind me, destroying about 7 desks, and causing a rumble hard enough to shatter windows. Lucky for me and Elise, we were not near the windows.

"Hm, maybe we should work on your control?" She said, looking at the mess. "Maybe your sister could help?"

"I don't know if I could get her to come..." I said.

"Then let's meet on the track, maybe trying it on a larger scale would be easier. Also we won't have to draw a circle!" She said thoughtfully. "The possibilities!" She said, clearly forgetting I was a Youkai not a superhuman. Then again, what's the distinction. "I wish I had as much power as you. I could help so many people..." She wanted to help people but didn't have the power to do so, and I had the power to do so, be didn't want to help.

"I'll trade." I said, breathing heavily. "Just give take the powers free..." You deserve them more.
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