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    I see, that's great, i'll just have to train a pair of clamperls I missed that event with Celebi because i got to catch it the first time i had a battle with it, would have been interesting to see haha

    About the delevel it's okay, it was just a thought i had at the moment. It would be cool to see it on a hack though, even if it's just a low priority work "just to see what it would be like"
    But in fact, if you let your imagination go wild, you can even pìcture a whole new concept for a pokemon hack with that in mind:

    Like being "Rebirth" a must in order to progress, catching pokemon in the way with a "Rebirth ball" or something.. Say you find a pokemon blocking the road (like Snorlax) whose hp never gets lower than 1hp*, and is immune to any ball but the Rebirth one, so you can either run or try your hardest to catch it. I guess it would be possible as there are instances where these things happen (false swipe, marowak ghost), but still would have to be a regular capture-rate ball or just be a very strong pokemon (relative to the point in the game), or both, to make things fair.
    But anyways, i'm going very offtopic here haha

    *Or just make it so if it faints it will still be there at full health or recovering, so you have to come back later. This would work best on a pokemon game with in-game clock, but step count could work just as well or having to visit a pokecenter between fights.

    (Spoiler since it is WAY, WAY offtopic, i can't believe my own imagination)