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    Even though I have the Shiny Charm in Black 2 for months now, I hadn't gone hunting for shinies with it until tonight. It only took about three battles before I found this! Either that shiny charm works extremely well, or I still got pretty darn lucky. I overall wasn't too excited about it since I found it THAT quickly, and it's kind of a lame shiny, but hey, it still counts!

    caught it on the first Pokeball thrown at full health, a quick ball. It's not the greatest shiny out there, but it's still cool I got it. Maybe a little clarification on how well the shiny charm really works would make this feel more significant to me. As it is right now, it's a bit underwhelming. :/

    Think I'll go back to my GBA cartridges and try and get my shiny Torchic back that I lost in a file corruption a while back. I miss that little guy. :
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