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Havent been able to start a new game on ss untill i finally transferred all my pkmn to white 2. this will be fun!

First update: Chose Chikorita. Did all the annoying stuff you have to do at the start. Caught a geodude and boxed chikorita. Trained Geodude to level nine (which was difficult but luckily you get a few potions at the start of the game) Arrived at violet city. thats all for now. got a lot of breeding to do on white 2

Second update: Caught a Gastly in sprout tower @ lvl.3 (geodude couldnt do any damage to it but i caught after only two pokeballs) Trained gastly to lvl.5 and caught a Bellsprout which i quickly traded in-game for an Onix. About to take on Sprout tower....somehow.

Gastly lvl5

Geodude lvl 10

Rocky (Onix) lvl 6