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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Yeahhh. But the fact that tier drops happening in a few days means that I can just edit in Klinklang if it's dropped down and I'll inform everyone in the thread so they're free to change their votes.

    Anyway ya Ghetsis should've had it But even the fact that "big" people in-game had it makes it stand out more than Klang imo.
    The move tutors weren't kind to Klinklang. All it got from B2W2 was Wild Charge.

    They tried to make a physical Magnezone but it didn't work very well because of the lack of moves. However, it makes sense that it has a lot of Electric moves. Klinklang is a machine, and machines can convert kinetic energy into electricity, and vice-versa.

    Ghetsis has Eelektross in both games and Klinklang is Colress' ace Pokémon (no it's not Metagross! or Magnezone), so they have visibility. I personally think Eelektross is boss, but it suffers from Arcanine syndrome, it has high stats and lots of good moves, but isn't top tier.

    Actually even if you change the poll I think Eelektross will still win because people think Klinklang is just a "bunch of gears" and hate on it. Meanwhile, Electrode is a plain ball and people don't seem to have a problem with it. Go figure.

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