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Oh common, i only need 2 pokemon to beat her and you guy cant do it with 6? Sure that I only beat her on my third try but with magneton you should beat her easily. All you have to do is this:
Step one use a magneton and something can tank water, poison, grass move like weezing, train them to level 43.
Step two: let magneton and that pokemon lead.
Step three: use Xspatk and Xspeed on magneton, the other pokemon turn use guard spec or attack. Note: dont kill Muk and tentacruel . Use potion when your team is low on hp, use berry when magneton is confuse.
Step four: when Magneton has +6spatk and +3speed, let the sweep begin, focus on the Muk first, if you dont, that thing might disable your pokemon and use minimize to dodge.
Step five: victory
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