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Kia Ora Pokemon fans!

I have started this thread because I want to get into the Pokemon game buzz and don't really know what game to start off with or what games the real Pokemon gamer's recommend for a newbie. Also what other games are really cool that you enjoy to play that I might like a lot (I'm into modern).

First things first: I obtained a heap of Pokemon ROMs for Nintendo DS, Gameboy Colour ROMs and Gameboy Advance Roms.

These are the games I have and emulators I have:

Mysoft DS emultaor

Pokemon Dash
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Trozei

Gameboy Advance

Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Leaf Green
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red
Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Sapphire

Gameboy Colour

Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Pinball
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Trading Card Game
Pokemon Yellow

If you can read this text, thank you.

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