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No more posts?

Anyway, for those watching. I had a great idea the other night.
See, I wanted to implement battles into this game but I wanted to steer away from the normal. So I didn't put any battles in. But the other night an idea struck me. A Brand New Battle System! Well I hope it is new...

So my idea was to have a battle 'in the field' on a map, its own map, like a side on view of the battle. This idea also included 'new', again hopefully new, features for a battle. New options to think about to 'extend and complicate' battles.
All options are:
Attack - which goes to physical and special attacks (not really new): each attack options has four options, so 8 attacks in total

Evade - has two options
1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options
2. Defend: defend against opponent's attack, lowering attack damage by half, then also goes back to attacks

Counter - has two options
1. Counter with attack - counter opponent's attack with your own attack. Option of physical or special (using wrong type will have consequences)
2. Evade and then attack - attack damage is 1.5x damage (kind of like a critical hit)

Move (maybe taken out due to unsure how to implement at the moment)
- move to a better location for either an advantage or to take cover, behind a rock (use surrounding area)

These options are available for both the player and enemy Pokemon

So this is what I have been working on yesterday and today, and it is operational, only with two Pokemon and the standard RMXP animations for 16 attacks (using 9 animations).
However, because I am not good at scripting (yet, I am studying to be a software engineer) this entire system has been made through common events. If anyone want to take a look at my work to make it into a script would be wonderful. Just PM me and I'll send it to you.

Although I am okay using it in its current state for the time being.

I would believe that some people would disagree with my choice but I wanted something different to other games to bring an extra 'sparkle' to this.
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