Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Pieces of Destiny
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    Off course this is a really nice hack I'm seeing here and the graphics are really well done.

    There are just some tiny things I would complain though which are probably really easy to be fixed:

    The hair's of the hero loook so R/S/E stylish and not that good, I can help there if you want.

    Next thing but also really critical is the mapping, I see alot of 1 tile paths which should be avoided by all means, since they drop the playability of maps alot.

    Other then that it seems that you didn't really start scripting, which isn't bad, you don't have to rush.

    That said, I think this hack is a really nice one (Off course in spanish again:p).

    If you need with anything help, you know how to conatct me here :>