Thread: Weekly Poll: Eelektross vs Klang
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    I'mma be a rebel, and say Klinklang. Just because.

    I would competitively, have it with of course shift gear- Gear Grind, Return, aaaand either volt switch or wild charge. (it gets wild charge now doesn't it?) Item being maybe occa or chople berry - in the case of going against eelektross at least. Otherwise maaaybe something else.

    If I was feeling silly, I'd do the dragon ball z set, with Charge Beam and of course with that - a special Klinklang. Volt switch, Flash Cannon, and the like. It's power would be over 9000 after pestering things with charge beam for a while. (Assuming those crippling offensive type weaknesses didn't get it killed.)

    But joking aside, Eelektross interests me much more for competitive play, I like its design more, and it seems more fun to use in general, even barring Klang's evolved form. :/ One sided matchup is one sided hehe.
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