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Do you currently utilize the gaming section of a non-gaming site?
I use gaming sites for games, so nope.

Are you a member of any other forums that have a gaming section? Do you use it?
I was a member of a forum with a gaming section and it went down really well, but the games were incredibly limited so it got stale quickly. Having high score competitions was a lot of fun though and the 'arcade section' to post about them in was, although somewhat spammy, a lot of fun and very active.

Have you ever thought it would be nice if had a gaming section?
Nope. PC is already slow enough as it is, I'm sure adding loads of flash games wouldn't help that and I'm more than happy to go to gaming sites to play games. There's just much more variety/quality etc :p

If tPC did have a gaming section would you use it?
I probably would end up using it, yes!

What genre of games are you the most interested in?
In general mostly role play/adventure games, but I guess arcade games are most suited for a forum if anything.

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