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N: *sits back and admires his newly-completed cube* I have finally completed it! Those three silly friends of mine must have gone and messed it up when my back was turned.. I wonder where they could be....ah, no matter! I can finally relax now that it's whole again. *smiles contentedly*

Hilbert: *nods and smiles approvingly at the completed cube in N's hand and gradually drifts off, spinning the Ferris wheel model round and round, round and round..*


*in whispers*

Snivy: See, Tepig?? You shouldn't have touched Master's things! I'm sure glad Master's in a good mood today, or else I don't know what he'll do!

Tepig: Eep! I didn't mean to..! It just looked so..very..interesting....I couldn't resist....><

Oshawott: Indeed.. Master sure's in a relaxed mood today. I wonder why is that so? Could it be because of that trainer..?