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I was supposed to make an update sooner, but I got so caught up in the game that I actually completed it.

The Gray Pearls Party, final part.

♦ Took on Crasher Wake and won thanks to Beryl and Garnet.
♦ Stalked the Galactic Grunt with the bomb and defeated him, and then received the SecretPotion from Cynthia.
♦ Backtracked to Hearthome City, where I defeated Fantina without a lot of trouble.
♦ Made my way to Solaceon Town, and walked up north to eventually reach Celestic Town.
♦ Defeated the Galactic Grunt near the ruins, and got Surf from Cynthia's grandma.
♦ Taught it to a Buizel and then went west of Jubilife City to capture a Glameow. Named it Amethyst.
♦ Did some Surf sidequests around Sinnoh, training up Amethyst along the way. Eventually, she evolved into a Purugly! With the help of an Evo Editor, Beryl also evolved into a Machamp!
♦ Surfed to Canalave City, defeated my rival and then sailed to Iron Island.
♦ Helped out Riley in there, and then went back to Canalave to take on the gym.
♦ Byron went down without me even breaking a sweat, due to Beryl and her Fighting-moves.
♦ After some chit-chat with Professor Rowan & friends, I went to Lake Valor and defeated Saturn, only to find out that Mars was at Lake Verity. Flied there and beat her.
♦ In order to get to Lake Acuity, I had to trekk north, so that's what I did. I couldn't get into the lakefront, so I went to Snowpoint instead, and took down the gym and its leader, Candice.
♦ After the battle, the lake was no longer blocked, so I went in there and saw Jupiter with my rival. They were both incredibly boring, so I went to Veilstone and infiltrated Galactic's HQ there.
♦ After setting free the Legendary Trio of Sinnoh, I went to the Spear Pillar and defeated Team Galactic once and for all.
♦ The downfall of Galactic made it possible for me to go to Sunyshore City, so I did, and found Volkner at the lighthouse. After convincing him to battle with me, I completely crushed him in the gym with Beryl's Earthquake and Brick Break. He was happy about it, so it's OK.
♦ Made one final strech through Victory Road to reach the Elite Four. But first, my rival wanted a battle that was over pretty quickly.
♦ Aaron wasn't too tough, although it did take a team effort.
♦ Bertha was really easy thanks to Garnet.
♦ Flint also required a team effort, but was still beatable.
♦ Lucian went very smooth until Bronzong came out, whom I had to stall out of Psychics before being able to do something. Other than that, nothing troublesome.
♦ Cynthia was fairly easy as well, although I did get quite lucky with some freezes and other hax.



Amethyst the Purugly, Lv 56 (♀)
Item: Sky Plate
Aerial Ace, U-Turn, Shadow Claw, Body Slam

Niobium the Bastiodon, Lv 58 (♂)
Item: Hard Stone
AncientPower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon

Garnet the Wormadam, Lv 56 (♀)
Item: Rose Incense
Psychic, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Toxic

Beryl the Machamp, Lv 56 (♀)
Item: Razor Claw
Cross Chop, Poison Jab, Brick Break, Earthquake
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