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Allister Curtis

Having explained himself (and a bunch of other stuff) to Cheryll and Yorick Allister climbed to his feet and tossed the core of the fruit he had been eating into a nearby open bin.
"Well, thank you for listening to my crazy ramblings. I'll see you guys in class, I figure we'll be meeting there soon before heading out after Oz."

With that Allister left the cafeteria, where he noted several of his classmates were located, and headed down the hall towards his classroom... which was now becoming some sort of war room, the idea was almost comical to Allister for reasons even he couldn't quite understand.
One thing is clear to me in this, Oz is far more powerful than either myself or Gavin. I do not know who he is and I do not know what kind of a mage he is, but if Mr. Higoroshi wants a whole team of us to combat him, and if he knocked out almost all of the school's teachers... albeit in a sneak attack, he probably possesses tremendous strength. He won't be a deva mage like Gavin, an organisation like fairytale wouldn't accept someone who was once a human. That leaves too options... hopefully he is Spiritual like me or even not one of the main categories. As long as he doesn't draw his magic from nature because if he does he'll be far more powerful near the forest.

Allister continued to consider as many eventualities as he could possibly think of, very nearly causing himself a headache, on his walk through the school grounds to his classroom. Arriving at the class he found two classmates who he had yet to identify standing in a large puddle of icy water and sleet and the desks pushed to all corners of the room.
"I don't even want to know" he said, mostly to himself.

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