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Kion Gavin - Infirmary

Gavin woke up in a somber mood. He didn't forget that his arm was gone, nor did he think it was a dream, but he needed time to cope. He'd never imagined that on his third day of school something of that magnitude would happen, and to him of all people. Gavin looked down to see that his torso, from his top left side to his right, was completely covered in bandages. It was around this time that he figured out where he was, but it was no surprise, really; he did collapse in the hallway after all. Admittedly, he felt better than he thought he would- in terms of pain rather than shock.

He sat up and the nurse immediately turned her attention to him. "Oh, Kion, you're up." Gavin felt a little strange about being called by his first name, not many people did it other than his family. The nurse went into a bin and brought out some clothes. "These are yours, the boys that brought you here dropped them off along with you. I'd ask that you stay down, but if your last incident was any indication, there's little chance of that happening." This made Gavin smile as he started putting on his shirt and his sweatshirt, as well as his glove which was in his pocket. It was awkward putting only arm in the outfits, and looked rather strange to him as well. He had to shimmy and shake before he could actually pull down his shirt and sweatshirt from his head, and putting on the glove was more of a task as well. The nurse handed Gavin some painkillers. "Take these every twelve hours. I've also scheduled a counselors appointment for 9 o'clock in case you need help coping, but feel free to cancel if you're okay on your own."

Gavin pocketed the painkillers and thanked the nurse. Before he left, she handed him a bottle of water and told him to drink a lot of it for the next couple of days. Gavin headed out of the nurse's office and headed into his classroom. Once inside, he took the same seat he always took in the front, disregarding everyone and everything that was going on, and chugged down the water that was given to him by the nurse. Interestingly, the seat that he took was colder than usual. He looked down and around to notice that there was ice. Lots of ice. Gavin was pretty pissed off, he didn't like the cold. "What the hell is this?" Gavin clenched his fist. He started looking around, and he noticed that the room as a whole, the way he put it, "looked like crap". Windows were broken, water and ice were spread about the room, and two youkai were doing something...he was sure that they were the ones who causing all of this mayhem. He flung his sweatshirt off to reveal that the sigil, which now encompassed his entire left arm, was glowing, ready to spit out a firestorm. Gavin had actually never seen what the flames were like at this stage, and frankly, he was a little scared to.

Gavin took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down. "Why are you two doing this crap inside? If you're..." He took another deep breath. "...If you're trying to practice your powers, do it outside or something." He scratched his head. "If you have frustration or aggression you're trying to get out, take it out on Oz, or even me, I'd be glad to help you there...just don't take it out on the building."
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