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I was cooled down now, having lost a lot of stress with time. A couple students walked in, and their reactions were pretty similar. Complete shock at the destruction I caused. The difference was that one simply dismissed it, while the other got angry. He tore off the top layer of his clothing showing off his arm. He became heated angry. I looked at him calmly, and listen as he tried to tell me what to do.

I looked at Elise, who cowered behind me. Oh right, human plus monsters. I wondered how scared she would be to see a werewolf. "I plan on taking it out on Oz." I replied, standing between him and Elise, just in case. "And honestly it is none of your buisness where I practice." If I seemed threatening, and he backed down then Elise might be less afraid of him. If things came to blows, well we should see if his markings can prevent a solid punch in the jaw. "If you really plan on fighting him, then you should be training." I clenched my fist, and I wasn't smiling.
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