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Allister Curtis

Not even two minutes after Allister had walked into the wreck of a room Gavin, still with the weird white hair, appeared inside and walked walked straight past Allister to sit in one of the few desks that remained in the appropriate place. His indifference puzzled Allister until he noticed that he was probably in pain, due to the lack of one of his arms. It was about at this point that Gavin finally realised what was going on, ripped of his top layer of clothing - thus displaying the cursed sigil - and began arguing with the other yokai. Allister sighed to himself, he would preferred to not get involved in a petty and trivial argument but he really couldn't afford for his only other magical ally to injure himself any more badly than he already was.

"Okay, that is enough" he looked at Gavin "I'll get to you in a moment, but first I'll talk to our friend over there that seems to be a snowman". Allister was hoping to not cop too much backlash, he was going to be needed against Oz.
"First of all, how arrogant do you have to be to just assume it is okay for you to saturate the classroom. Even if it was your friend's idea, you are the one who knows the effect of your power better and as such you are responsible for what ever damage you have caused. Secondly, I appreciate that you will be fighting Oz with us but I suggest that you don't pick a fight with Gavin first because it will be hard for you to contribute to a massive battle as a puddle." Allister shifted his gaze to Gavin for a moment "you are injured and getting into ridiculous fights is not going to benefit us when we are about to be dealing with a far bigger threat. We should be trying to get along, not anger or terrify each other. If you two let your squabbles get in the way of defeating this Oz guy I will personally hold you both responsible. I think that perhaps you should apologize to each other and to the girl you are scaring the pants off of."

Allister took a breath after his little speech, he was constantly being thrown into positions he was uncomfortable with at this school and he was really becoming irritated with the whole situation.
"Now, back to you Gavin. What the hell did you do to your arm?"

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