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I looked at one, then looked at the other. It seemed that now the rather calm one was angry and the angry one before was calm. I ignored any of the scolding, I didn't care too much about what they thought. I saw the fire kid look at Elise though, and I felt irrationally angry. I then realized he was missing an arm. "Do you see that?" Elise said very faintly behind me. I knew she was referring to his arm. "He can't fight alone with that..."

I sighed, realizing they both noticed Elise. I figured I should clear that up first. "Stop looking at my sister!" I said menacingly. "Hot-head was the one scaring her." I turned around and motioned for her to go sit in an upright desk. Something that was rather hard to find. "Look... I was planning on going, but other things have come up." Now that I thought about it, I hadn't seen Solo at all today. I paused, "But I just can't let you go out in that condition..."
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