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    Well, what I mean by "Dynamic" is that NPC's pokemon teams will vary based on some factors

    1) What level your Pokemon are
    2) What types of Pokemon you have
    3) How many Gym Badges you have
    4) How far you've progressed through the story
    5) If you've battled them before
    6) The area you fight them in

    This would lead to truly random playthroughs and vastly improve the replay factor of the game, since the trainer that had a level five (insert early route pokemon here) would have a new pokemon next time you played/battled them

    This would also affect Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, where the entire Gym/E4 theme/ would change

    the first time you go through the Elite Four, you'd have an Ice-user, a Fire-user, a Dragon user and a Normal-user with a Steel-user Champion
    the next time, you'd get grass, water, poison, ground and flying or something
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