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Originally Posted by zoroarkrules25 View Post
Sounds like a cool region idea. Also anyone seen this:


it is suppose to be froakie's final form. It surfaced in January temporarily but then disappeared and came back online today. What are your thoughts on this? Real or fake? I think it is a little ugly but i also like it.
Nah, fake. Not to be too auto-dismissive about it, or anything :P It's someone showing off their art ability, by imitating the way the first form of the starters were shown.

I'm also saying this because I don't want Froakie's final form to be that big, I'd prefer more of an Infernape-build for it.

As for that region idea, I think it would be awesome to see N again. I always love when Pokémon games nod back to past games and characters, so it would be cool to see what GameFreak might do on that front. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were the only ones that had little to no references (particularly in the case of RS), but I think it can be said that this was "rectified" in the succeeding games. Fingers crossed this will remain the case in X and Y!

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