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Chapter 0 - Kyle Jackson - Outside ShoWare Center


Kyle flinched as he looked down. Hopefully this person wouldn't try to trouble him but if it was a fight they wanted then it would be a fight they would get. Kyle balled up his fist and clenched them firmly, prepared to dodge whatever hit that came his way.

"o-oh, I'm sorry." The voice sounded small to him, almost as if it was squeaked out by a mouse.

Was that... and apology he heard? Glancing up to see a girl, about his age, offering him some bandages. Remembering the blood on his hand, Spencer held it up in the light once more.

"It's not bad at all." Kyle said, waving his hand as if to prove his point. He was surprised she didn't run away for him or give him a look of disgust. Looking at his hand and then at the girl again, Kyle cautiously took the alcohol and bandages and began to treat his hand.

"Why..." Kyle trailed off. He began to poor the alcohol on his hand and bit his tongue as a burning sensation throbbed throughout his hand. "Most people wouldn't stop for this."

He capped the alcohol and began to wrap his fist up clumsily with the bandaging the girl gave him. The blood and the entire injury was sealed up and it would be best not to use that hand for anything physically stressful.

"Why are you carrying that stuff around anyways?" Kyle said, changing the subject. He didn't want this girl to want something from him. There wasn't anything for him to give. He was broke, jobless, and angry. He didn't want this girl to think he owed her anything