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Kion Gavin - Classroom

"I'm sorry..." Gavin said to Allister. "I told you that I wanted to save everyone...and a guy with a hero complex has to make sacrifices to do that." He let out an empty laugh. He found a seat and looked down. He then looked to Frio and then to Elise. He was fixated on Elise, scared of what might happen to her on the battlefield, and curious as to why she was participating in the battle at all. Despite Frio's commanding him not to look at her, he felt it to be insensitive to just ignore her, it was better that he extol her favor with his attention than to let her continue to think him a monster. "If I don't participate then what I said to Mr. Higura-" He stopped to correct himself. "Mr. Higoroshi yesterday would all just be empty words. I may have lost an arm, but I'm stronger than I ever was before." He raised his left hand and allowed the sleeve of his sweatshirt to fall down and reveal his sigil. "Before today, this was only on the back of my hand, not it's covering my entire arm. This is what makes me a mage, and the bigger it is, the stronger I become. Heck I almost killed myself amputating my arm because of it."

Gavin looked down again. "Back there when I took off my sweatshirt, it wasn't a means to show strength or dominance, it was to make sure I was in control of my emotions...I fear that either the expansion of my sigil or the loss of my arm...or both...has made controlling myself more difficult, and when that happens, this thing," he raised his arm, "goes haywire, usually with fire magic." Then, Gavin slammed his hand on the desk and stood up. "Don't worry about me, though. I'll be damned (no pun intended) if I'm going to let any of you fight Oz on your own!"

He then turned his attention back to Elise. "...Miss...I'm sorry for scaring you." He thought for a moment. "Actually, I never did catch either of your names. I'm Gavin, Kion Gavin." He walked over to Elise and tried to put out his hand...but nothing happened. Embarrassingly, he had tried to put out his right hand for a handshake, but...he'd forgotten that his arm was gone. He let out a nervous laugh and put out his left hand. "'s a pleasure." He turned to Frio. "You too, it's nice to meetcha'."
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