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What the duck?
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Calvin Bastion

Immediately after calling out Pupitar the kid called his next move saying,

“Ches use Shadow Ball.”

The Haunter then put his hands together creating a large black ball that the Haunter threw at the Pupitar. Calvin stood there as the attack closed in on Pupitar without saying a word. Not commanding his Pupitar to do anything the attack hits Pupitar directly creating a cloud of sand rising over the Pupitar. It took a couple of seconds for the sand to clear where there was Pupitar still in its exact same spot and seemed to be completely unphased by the attack. Calvin’s face grew a big smirk as if he knew that would happen as he calls out,

“Alright Gaia finish him off with a Bite!”

The Pupitar closed in on the Haunter opening its mouth preparing to chop down on the Haunter.
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