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    Finally a reply I can work with! To my surprise from someone using a Linux distro. Thank you dkp.

    The main reason I ask all this is because I want to get an idea what's the most used OS in this ROM editing community so I can decide on which language I should use.
    My guess is most of you work on Windows (7) (but maybe I am wrong since the first one to reply is using Arch, hehe), let's say around 80% of the community. An other 18% is probably running OS X and only a small 2% runs Linux.

    If these numbers are correct and people working on anything other than Windows don't really have troubles with the current tools, I can just keep my current project (C#, Visual Studio) and switch to Mono.
    I myself can test on any OS, so upon release there shouldn't be any problems.

    Man, I am too drunk for this.
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