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Originally Posted by PekoponTAS View Post
Just kind of curious, but does any one have a favourite generation of shinies to hunt? Personally I like looking for Hoenn shinies since that seems to be the one game where they understood what made shinies cool and had radically different colour schemes. Also since random encountering is my favourite way to shiny hunt, Ruby and Sapphire are great choices since there's a ton of options in the wild in those games. FireRed and Leafgreen don't have a ton of great choices for random encounter hunting. :/

Oh, and by the way, don't forget about the chat. I'm often in there while I shiny hunt, and nobody ever gets in there. : (

*Current hunts*

Torchic (ruby) 312 Soft resets

EDIT: Well, looks like it's been my lucky month. First Pidgeot, then Zebstrika, and now I got my shiny Torchic back! You may or may not remember that I got a shiny Torchic and machop, and then my save file corrupted and I lost them both. Well, I now got my Torchic back, and it only took 370 Soft Resets! I have a feeling my luck is going to run out soon. XD

A shame about its kind of crummy nature, but I don't care. I'm just glad I have him again. : )
(Amanda is the name of one of my characters I draw in various comics)

I actually play a very watered down version of your mini-game while I RE on my Ruby, as luck would have it!

Congrats on Zebstrika and Torchic within mere days of eachother! That's pretty insane despite the Shiny Charm O: (The chances of encountering a shiny in the wild with the Shiny Charm is changed to 1/2730, which is about a third of the normal chances. Masuda is even lower!)

Current hunts:
Eevee MM - 840 Eggs
Moltres SR - 420 SRs

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