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Originally Posted by faku1810 View Post
Not sure if it's my problem alone, but i just tried playing the new patch, (on a fresh rom of course) and it detects my save file as corrupted, backing to a save prior to that one. Also, the save states can't be loaded on it. I'm using vba-m svn956.

The only work around i have is to use the rom i was using until now to load a state and save a couple of times, so the new rom will take one as corrupt and load the save i had just before that one.
thats possibly the strangest thing I have ever herd... it says your current .sav is corrupt... then loads your previous one? even if you have saved it using the current rom it still says its corrupt...

I had a small issue getting my save to load, so I saved it as a sgm (save state) and loaded that (worked fine) then saved using the current 1.21

it just did not recognize my first save, it worked fine after that... even when I moved it to a new folder and tried again with the old .sav it worked

I would appreciate anyone elses issues with this saving... (i hope that is an isolated incident and you can get it resolved)