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    Yorick Amherst Lee

    Allister answered Yorick's question, but all he got from it was that there was no real answer to his question. He didn't comprehend any of the last part. Yorick figured that was good enough for now, and listened to Allister finish talking while he finished his meal. Before long, Allister threw away his apple core and left to the classroom, thanking them for listening. Cheryll soon followed, smiling at him before leaving. Yorick finished his meal and went after her, seeing that it was almost the time they were supposed to meet in the classroom.

    He entered the room to see that it was in complete disorder. The desks had been moved all over the place, and there was water and bits of ice in the middle of the room. Beside that he saw the boy from yesterday, Frio, in a discussion with the angry boy from the meeting about Oz, an orange-haired girl, and Allister. There were also two girls talking with sensei, one of who was unfamiliar and perhaps new. Yorick came a little closer, standing a few feet away from her, and realized that she had a scent similar to Frio's. On the topic of scents, Yorick was still bothered by the scent of the boy with the markings on his arm, a scent that was similar to Allister's, but different. After some thought, he concluded he was just a different kind of mage, thinking back to what Allister had told him. Before doing anything, he said, "Good morning everybody," continuing is attempt to be polite today. Yorick moved a desk to what he believed was it's correct place and sat in it, waiting for an announcement from the teacher. As he waited, he observed the other students in the room.

    Yorick sat in silence until he heard Frio address the girl next to him as his sister, which was strange since they had very little resemblance. Yorick got up and walked closer to her, keeping several feet away as he did with the girl whose scent was similar to Frio's, and smelled to reveal a vastly different scent. That was strange, and he decided he would ask one of them about it later, when they weren't busy talking. Yorick sat back down and took out his dictionary. He often read it for fun, enjoying how many new and unknown words there were in there to expand his vocabulary. He opened it to a random page and began reading, starting with the first word on the page: Kindle.
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