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I haven't finished the most recent game yet so I can't tell which got me more just yet…

but for now, I felt really sad (but I didn't cry because that part hasn't been fully hooked up yet) at the end of PMD2/3 where
Grovyle has to go in the portal, and then the mini-story where Grovyle sees sunrise in his world for the first time.
I think it was the Grovyle part. Yeah, the Grovyle part.

I didn't feel anything with the first one because that literally was the first game I had my parents wouldn't let me play games until I was 7 lol and 1) I didn't know about the characters too well, and 2) I was even less emotionally hooked-up back then :p But I'm sure if I was normal that would've gotten me a bit more…or I don't know. It doesn't get me anymore after I've played it three times.

I'm not sure I'm too fond of the last game yet, but objectively, the story seems good, if not for the rushed pace or whatever. But I haven't felt emotional like I did with 2/3 yet. I think it's because I'm kinda tired from school and I've used up all my emotions there, but we'll see.

Oh, though I will admit that
when Gurrdurr and stuff, it was a bit emotional! Though maybe if Grovyle had been around
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