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An underwater city?? Awesome! N?? DOUBLE-AWESOME!! :D

I like the concept of an underwater Atlantis-themed city. It's a fresh new feeling from all the cities above land. The player could wear a special underwater suit and move about by swimming, not by walking. It is underwater, after all! The city could be in ruins, or it could actually be inhabited by people who took to the waters for reasons unknown. The Pokemon here would obviously be water or part-water Pokemon, but perhaps only in this city can the player find Pokemon native to this location, and only can be caught using Dive Balls. Oh, maybe a legendary Pokemon could be hiding in the depths of the ruins itself! That would be oh-so-awesomee.

About N being in this region, it's great as there's a strong link to the previous generations that would surely draw many people who loved B/W2 to this latest generation. The feeling of a well-known character would certainly enhance the experience of this region by heaps, methinks.

Oh, and the picture of Froakie's final evolution? I think it is fake. I don't have much to say on this, but I kinda like it and dislike it at the same time. Hmm..