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Cape City Prison

"Astrid! You're a grass type, so absorb as much of that water as you can," Paladin said to her before yelling at another Pokemon, one Astrid had not noticed before, to do the same. Absorb this water? All of this water! Astrid was at a loss for words, yes she had been slowly absorbing the water as her body would normally do as a grass type but never had she purposefully absorbed so much water purposefully!

"Um, Paladin," she said quietly, "this is an awful lot of water for the two of use to soak up. It's almost to my abdomen," she said motioning towards her mid-section. Astrid had a look of worry on her face but did as she was told without waiting for the boom of Paladin's voice to encourage her to do so, forcefully.

The Lilligant dug herself into the loose floor and trudged along slowly; she would have to concentrate in order to take in so much water. Astrid felt a rush of relief as the water started to flow into her budded feet and through her body, channeling through her complicated circulatory system. Astrid's cherry red flower began to glow and grow as the water fueled it's growth. Astrid herself began to increase in size; she grew from four feet to four and a half feet.

Astrid blushed slightly as some of the Pokemon began to look at her growing size. "Can we continue?" she said, voice choked slightly by the sheer amount of water bulging at her sides.