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Allister Curtis

Things were getting rather weird for Allister as he found himself in the centre of the room, unintentionally part of a dispute (that was being ignored by both Mr. Higoroshi and the students he was talking to in the corner of the room.
What a weird guy...

Allister turned back to listen to the "conversation" between the snowman and Gavin, it seemed as though it was cooling down but it could turn into a colossal mess at any moment. Allister was not a fan of that and nor did he enjoy having to talk to so many people, they were very irritating. Joining the introductory bandwagon Allister added
"Oh, I'm Allister Curtis. Nice to meet the two of you". Allister completely ignored the male siblings warnings, he would not talk as though the girl was some kind of pet and would talk directly to her. She was no less of a person than himself despite the snowman acting as though that was the case... even if he was doing so unintentionally.

As Yorick turned in Allister felt slightly more comfortable since if things got bad someone else would be able to help him keep the two yokai in front of him apart.
"Do you think it's just us to deal with this Oz guy then?"

"Oh! But this isn't the end, my friend!"
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