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    I have another three questions.

    1) How did Liquid Crystal got rid of the help system?

    2) Is there a way to make an animated bootscreen?

    3) I'm making a hack where you start in one map, five oddly colored tiles. Each one can transport you to one village. Like if you want to start in Fire village, step on the red tile blah.. blah.. blah.. etc. When you get transferred, you're warped on one of the five players room. So basically there will be five house, okay? Then, when you choose one, I want the other four to lock up, forever. How do I do that?
    Here's a pic:

    About the Lookup thing, how do I do that?

    It just says 03 03

    EDIT: Fixed it. Turns out I should have used 0x3005542. That's what it says in WesleyFG's Tut.