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Owl City - Metropolis
Out of all the songs on The Midsummer Station , I think this one has a somewhat older Owl City sound to it. More or less, I'm talking about the lyrics. Considering Adam was probably the main writer for this one and along with Matthew Thiessen or Relient K 's frontman co-writing. The Midsummer Station is the only Owl City album that Adam worked with different songwriters and producers , usually he writes and produces all the songs himself. On his own he can create some powerful and whimsical lyrics, but you can tell some of the newer song were co-written by other people cause they somewhat lack that. But something about this song has a bit of older Owl City feel to it lyrically. I mean words like "A thousand miles feels like a million years.Like hundreds of postcards that say I wish you were here." somewhat reminds me of older Owl City. Plus Matthew Thiessen has written some powerful lyrics for Relient K too, also one of my favorite bands. So this song just wins for me and is definitely one of my favorites off TMS.
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