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Kion Gavin - Classroom

Gavin looked at with a somber expression. "Don't threaten me. I understand that you don't trust me, you have little reason to, but I said that I would protect Elise, and that's what I'm going to do. Besides, isn't who she comes in contact with and how she chooses to interact with them up to her? I can't say that I'll abide by that first rule, she's her own person, after all." A smile grew on his face. "Having said that, I do admire your forcefulness; few people could wish for a better guardian in that sense."

Gavin took a look at the two. The two didn't look like they were related, and he didn't think that Elise was a Snow Woman, she didn't exhibit any of the aesthetic properties common between them, especially not her hair color, though her personality certainly fit the situation. Regardless, since Allister was near, he decided to play along; Elise clearly wanted to keep hidden whatever it was that she were hiding. That, and he couldn't actually prove anything, so there was no reason to voice his theory. "If it makes you guys feel any better, I'm also from the Hum-" Gavin stopped himself when he heard someone else come in. It was a shy girl who seemed to know Allister, and then soon after that another student entered the room, politely introducing himself and then taking a seat and reading his dictionary. Looking around, Gavin found that the turn up was far more interesting than he'd expected, so much so that he could barely contain himself. He wanted to know about all of them. Even Allister, who, out of all of the people in the room, he'd spent the most time with and still knew little about.

Gavin patted Allister on the back and said, "Well, leader, you've certainly gotten together quite the crew." He turned to Elise and said, "Well, it's best that we get this place back together before Higurashi takes notice. I don't think that we can fix all of this, though..." Gavin got into a thinking stance for for a few moments. He then snapped his fingers once he had an idea. "Well, I've already got an F in his class, and the last thing I care about it grades at this school." Gavin felt a little weird saying this, but when he thought about it, he didn't really care about grades much in the Human Realm anyway. He scratched his head and said, "Anyway, I'll be taking the blame for this. I think it makes enough sense, Higo-chan hates me already, anyway, and the feeling's mutual. You certainly don't deserve this, and I don't particularly care about the repercussions."
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