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    Side: Gold Tribe Name:Toriaka Humane Yurimoto Gender: Male

    Title: "Rise To The Occasion" Pokemon Species: Chimchar/Monferno

    Appearance: Toriaka Humane Yurimoto Is A Extremly Small Chimchar He Is Defenitely The Runt Of The Pack. He Could Be Identified By His Size Or A Symbolic Wristband That His Father Gave Him The last Day Toriaka Seen His Father The Day Juriama Humane Yurimoto Went To War With The Silver Tribe. And Also Toriaka Is Also Special By The fact That He Had Red Fur Instead Of Orange Fur Like The Rest Of The Chimchars.

    Personality: Toriaka has Always Been Rash In Decisions Not Thinking And Many Times It Got Him Into Trouble At The Academy. But He Was Also Very Friendly Protecting His Friends No Matter What Because That Was The Way He Was Raised By His Parents.

    History: The History Of Toriaka Humane Yurimoto Isn't A Very Good One His Parents Were Poor As He Was Growing Up Because Of The War That Was Raging On From The Silver Tribe Fighting His Tribe The Gold Tribe. His Dad Juriama Humane Yurimoto Was A Soldier Ranked 2nd Precinct In The Ongoing War Of Valkaria. He was Bullied As A Kid For Being Small And Being Different From The Rest By Not Having The Same Color Fur. He Was Bullied By A Teenager Monferno Who Goes By The Name August Menstro Riarendo By August Repeatedly Punching Toriaka In The Stomach And Head Making Him Bleed, But Toriaka Never Fought Back Because His Dad Told Him Never Fight Fight A Fellow Member Of The Gold Tribe No Matter How Much You Want To And How Much They Deserve It. They Are Our Brothers And Sisters You Wouldn't Want To Hurt Your Siblings Would You? Toriaka Promised His Dad he Would Never Get In A Fight With A Member Of The Gold Tribe He Wanted To Knock August Out But He Loved His Dad More Then Anything So He Kept His Word.

    As He Got Older He Made Lots Of Friends However None Of Them Were Chimchars Or Monfernos Or Anyone One Of That Evoulution Line The Only Person Who Loved Him Was Him Mom And His Dad Loved Him Until He Left And Was never Found Again. Toriaka Was Pondering About The World As His Soon To Be Childhood Friend Yelled at Him "What are you doing"! As A Mad Toriaka Did Was Jump Up And Growled At Him The Shadow Was Revealed To Be A Mankey Who Just Wanted To Play A Game. The Two Began To Get To Know Eachother,Train With Eachother,And Go To The Same School And Do Everything Together! Until One Day Mankeys Dad Yells At Him To Get Away From Toriaka Who The Dad Said Was A Monstrosity To Life. So There Sat A Sad And Lonely Chimchar In The Same Spot He Met Mankey Watching The Poliwag Jump Out Of The Water And The Occasional Tear Came Down His Eyes.

    Rise To The Occasion: One Particular Foggy Day Toriaka Was Wondering About How Life Works And Why There Has To Be So Much Pain Involved? But It Was Cut Short Because The Sunflora Were Waking Up Which Means The Academy Is Gonna Start Soon Maybe In About 1:oo Hour. So Toriaka Went Through His Usual Morning Routine Groom To His Odd Fur, Comb His Flame, And Brush His Teeth. Say He Loves You To His Mom Beatrice And Leaves For The Academy And He Did The Same Today As he Does Everyday. Today At The Academy It Was Different Instead Of Training For The War They Were Calling Off The Names Of The Kids Who Are Talented In Their Skills To get Invited To Camp Elite A Camp Held In The Summer That Is In The Famous Gold City Where The Alpha Alliance Is Home To. They Were Saying The Names Of The People Who Are Required To Go And Of Course August Menstro Riarendo Got Invited He Is The Strongest Monferno Ever But As The Last Name Was Being Called "Toriaka Humane Yurimoto" "You Are The Final Person Who Is Going To Camp Elite". And Naturally I was Stoked I was Going To Camp Elite I Didn't Care That August Was Going, I Was Going To That Has To Mean My Training With Mankey Or Joey wasn't A Failure After All Even Though Joey Wasn't Going That Means I had To Outrank Him *Clutches Hand Where His Dads Wristband Is Staring At The Sky He Makes A Promise In His Head I Promise I Won't Let You Down*.
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