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    Brian nodded at her words. They made sense. Keeping the two apart for the moment might be best until they calm down some. But he wanted to talk to them both about the Rockets. Thyme had a good point, they needed to stick together, to trust each other.

    "I guess so... Hmm... Oh, Sprinkles? He's a boy, and is really mad that some of my other pokemon tricked him and made him look like a girl. He'll get over it though." he said. At her last words, he cocked his head. It had always seemed normal to him that he understood pokemon.

    "What? Is it really that rare, to be able to understand pokemon? It doesn't seem that special to me..." he said, looking slightly down. Was he a freak? No, probably not. But then why could he understand pokemon? He knew a few people that could, or seemed like they could. Skye, N... Calnith. but, were they the only four? He gave Lucia a questioning look, a bit confused. Everyone else had seemed to accept it. why was it even a big deal?


    The man's face was impassive a moment, then he smiled at her. He could see, she was lonely. Kind of hard not to be lonely when you are alone though.

    "I ended up by myself as well. Valorie ran into an old friend, and you and Killik had vanished, so I just went back to my Day Care Center and cooked for my pokemon They enjoyed it to be sure." he said, catching her expression. She was worried about something, and did not know what it was.

    "What is it? Are you alright?" he asked with concern, his face a concerned, soft look.


    The girl smiled at Shawn and squeezed his hand back. She nodded, her eyes alive as she held his hand. He heart was pounding, and she felt oddly flush right now. What was this feeling? It was completely foreign to her, no one else had made her feel like this. she turned her gaze back to Cynder and Birdy, who had landed and was playing with the mouse. Aparently training was done. Cynder seemed happy, more confident too. Kiki knew she had picked right when she sent out Birdy. Squirrelly would have made fun of Cynder and shattered her confidence, and Mouser probably would have lost his temper. But the proud bird was very happy to help the mouse.

    "I like it too Shawn. Any time I have with you is good time." she said happily, grinning at him. Even with her usual hyper demeaner it was easy to tell she had very strong feelings for him already.


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