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Elise looked around at the people. She imagined how strong each of them were, then she imagined what the would do if she were human. No, if they found out she was human. One of the boys took seemed to study her, then go to reading a book. Elise shivered, I bet he knows she thought, He knows and he wants to eat me... She looked around, it seemed like they were all looking at her, despite what Frio said. They all want to eat me... They all know... They will get me when Frio is gone...

She lowered her head more, trying to shrink away. Then the armless boy she thought, He wants to protect me? She couldn't make sense of it. She had to ask Frio, and that was because she became friends with him before she knew he was a Youkai. He was protecting her because she was human. This boy though, he had no reason to want to protect her. He probably wants to get close to me so he can get me off-guard.

Elise really wanted to leave, just for a litte.

As more people showed up, the more I began to tense up. My threats had very little effect, and now the Gavin was smiling. Why is he smiling I thought, he shouldn't be smiling. Henlooked at the two newer ones, recognizing their faces from yesterday. The boy had helped in some way with Solo yesterday. What did he do... I raked my brain, trying to remember. I gave up though, giving it very little time until I turned my attention to the girl. I remember her... I thought, She had a name that I liked... What was the name... I began getting a headache, too much to remember.

I got a bit angrier, though not at the people. I was getting angry at myself, I couldn't remember people who could've been m friend, and, I couldn't prevent them from trying to investigate Elise. I think I made them more attentive to her. If they scare her too much, she will want to leave. I let out a frustrated yell, then flipped one of the few desks still standing. What is wrong with me... I screamed in my head.

I felt someone poking at my back. "Frio... Are you okay?" Elise said.

I sighed, I kind of just wanted to leave this stupid classroom. "I'm fine." I said in a guilty tone.

"Want to step out?" She asked, still talking really only softly enough for me to hear. I nodded. "We still have to clean up though..."

"I know." She stood up and both of us walked out the door, ignoring everybody. Well i did, she was staying very close to me and avoiding eye contact with them. We walked outside, behind the building. I looked around and saw nobody.

"So what's the matter?" She said, her voice was normal. I could tell that knowing everyone in that room was a Youkai must have given her a near heart attack. I began to wonder if she wanted to be out of the room more than me.

"It's nothing anymore, really." You never get stressed, why it happening now. I thought to myself. "I just got a little stressed. They think I'm treating you like a dog or something..." That didn't bother me much, I didn't care what they thought about me.

"Well, uh..." She said, "What if I tell them to leave me alone? Will that work?" She asked. I nodded, "Ok, let's go back to clean up."

We got inside and instantly she bowed, "I-I'm sorry for Frio." She said, "He is protective of m-me because I'm adopted." I didn't react at first then I nodded. "We lived only with our older sister before we came here, and she was always working." I didn't tell her that I also worked a lot of hours. But that was all she knew about me, so I finished.

"Yes, we came from America and Japan was a new place." I thought for a moment, "We thought it would be better to go to this school though." Most of what I said was the truth, though I didn't have a problem with Japan. I learned Japanese pretty fast.

I couldn't help but think how brave Elise was. It must have been hard for her to speak. She said some final words, "I-I would be grateful if maybe..." She choked up, and almost didn't finish her sentence, "You would do what Frio said?" I sighed, that was such a vague thing to say. I gave two commands, how would they distinguish. "Please?" If anyone got close this time, I would start a fight.
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