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    I just finished the game on Normal Casual (Casual because I'm a newcomer who knows nothing about the series). I'm like a sheep among new players, so I suck at getting good skills on my future kids - i.e. marrying off the wrong people, which has rendered Owain completely useless in battle, and pretty much never using any flying units due to my ineptitude to keep them alive for the battle (they usually suffer the fate of getting shot down so I'm just 'screw it no more flying units for me).

    My battle with Grima lasted for only 3-4 turns, with me at the winning side thanks to my stupid luck with final bosses. I had Tharja chip off Grima's health bit by bit and she couldn't do anything, which was expected. As an experiment since I was sure I would lose to Grima, I had Avatar go up against Grima with Chrom paired up with her (they're husband and wife btw). Much to my surprise and delight, after my Avatar cast a meager magic attack on Grima, Chrom followed up and critted that thing and destroyed her like it's his job.

    Man I love that guy. I'm so happy I married my Avatar to you Chrom ;w;

    Anyway, I started a new play file on Hard Casual (I'm still terrible which it comes to this game and I don't want to get anyone killed just yet when I'm still experimenting), and I hope to be more efficient since I read some guides and now know which characters to pair up. Still going to have Avatar marry Chrom though because my kokoro says so. Makes the plot seem more fleshed out, especially when you mix Lucina in. Chapter 21...!

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