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    It is a good idea, however if this region is based on Paris I imagine it'll be quite landlocked with the only water being down the center of the region. Of course they could always change the map up a little, you know artistic license and all...yet I still doubt it...maybe they'll do it next gen or perhaps they'll add a place similar to it in the Hoenn remakes (the region with the most water is Hoenn).
    If the region were based on Spain (or Britain seeing how they took this piece) or Moroco than maybe, as Atlantis is said to have been some miles beyond the Pillars of Hercules (as called by the Greeks) aka the entrance/exit to the Mediterranean.

    Anyways it's the 30th here, two weeks until Corocoro now...I'm not getting my hopes up though. However I do remember B2W2 had some info for it come out on the 10th of April (I remember this as it was also my 2nd anniversary here, also BW did too as I joined during that leak 3 years ago...). So maybe there'll be something around than too.
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