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There's a lot of different ways they could do a map on France and include a lot of water:

That would be the largest area of the real world used to make a region yet, but it's easy enough to see where there's space for water routes. Or it could look something like this:

With the English Channel kind of in the upper center you're still about 3/4 France and the region would have to have something to connect "France" to "England" like, I dunno, the PokeTunnel or something.

Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
I was thinking it would be pretty interesting if there was an ice type pokemon we could catch early in the game. Or at least a pokemon that evolves into an ice type. I don't usually have ice types on my team because by the time I come across them my team is already sorted.

Having an early ice gym would be interesting too.

I don't think that type has ever made an appearance early in the game. Aside from the obvious Dragon type. (imagine if the first gym was dragon type)
An Ice-type early in the game would probably depend on what gyms are near the beginning. The games usually offer you the chance to get a Pokemon of the same type of the next gym you face or one that has a type advantage to the gym's type. So if they had an early Ice-type gym you might see an Ice-type available early. Or if there were a Ground-, Grass-, Flying- or Dragon-type gym early on, but all those have other types that would work, like Fire or Water or Electric. Since Ice-types are fairly rare it's probably more likely they'll give you something that evolves into an Ice-type if they do anything.