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"Strong Strategy Steals the Show!" has probably been the best installment of the Unova League arc thus far. It was the most battle centric, little to no distractions, and it was engaging enough to really sit down and enjoy. By no means was it the best league episode ever done, but considering what we've been given so far, it has definitely been the best at this point.

What was probably the most refreshing was that the writers finally focused in on the battling, which has been lacking a lot this entire saga. Basically none of the battle scenes between Ash and Stephan were cut too short. It was also a satisfying end to their pseudo-rivalry against one another.

A few things I'd like to point out though:

- The VA of the referee is the same person who voices James. I meant to point that out last week, but I forgot.

- Why are the writers forgetting that after a Pokémon uses a move like Hyper Beam or Giga Impact, they have to rest the next turn? They've done this a number of times this season. All I'm saying, Liepard should not have been able to use Double Team or Shadow Claw immediately after Hyper Beam. Not cool, writers.

- Leavanny getting some great screen time! I appreciated the writers letting it have a good fight. Same goes for Palpitoad. My only complaint? Palpitoad supposedly learned a new move from the time of its capture till now and Ash commented on how he's been training Leavanny to be more agile. It would have been nice to see these two things being done on screen.

Overall a good episode! I look forward to next week and seeing Cameron and Ash go head to head. Also, lol at Cameron camping out on the field so he's not late. Is that even legal?
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