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    You stand in the darkness of an old apartment, the place is filthy, clothes and empty Pokemon food cans cover everything but a few boxes and a bed. Whoever owned this place was a real slob. Harry Skipper, you think the person called him... whatever. You adjust your police cap and sigh, keeping your gun close while your Scizor keeps people from contaminating the place.

    You are a policewoman, with the force for fifteen years. You were assigned to solve this missing person's case, reported after this guy missed two days of work, unexcused. You have a police baton, a walkie talkie, and a notpad for investigation.
    Your Scizor has been with you for ten of those years, keeping itself with you in any way it can. You think he may be a bit overprotective though...
    He has the Technician ability, and knows Metal Claw, Agility, Cut, and Bug Buzz. He is carrying a Metal Coat.
    What is your names?
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